Faux snakeskin / animal fabric

The ever-changing world of fashion has led to the creation of many unique fabrics, benefiting people with a wild variety to choose from. Fashion can be defined as a way of exhibiting oneself in the most creative way using various fabrics, apparel, and accessories that indeed carry a touch of difference. The material used to make a ravishing outfit could be made from an embossed vinyl fabric or even from the hide of an animal.

MJTrends: Faux snakeskin, reptile print, embossed fabrics...

MJTrends: Faux snakeskin, reptile print, embossed fabrics...

At one point in time cattle skin, or leather, was used for clothing and many other useful commodities. Later, the fur of animals started being used by people in order to keep themselves warm. This served two purposes, firstly the fur protected human beings from rough weather and secondly fur was considered to be a beautifying aspect when worn. Later in the evolution of man, humans came to value of certain exclusive animals coming from the reptile kingdom for use in fashion. Skins of Alligators and crocodiles have been used to make expensive clothing and accessories like purses, handbags, wallets, etc. Snakeskin, especially that of the python, has a tremendous value. Fashion freaks have been found slinging bags made of such snakeskin. Despite the appeal of the look of fashions made from reptile skin, there is a negative aspect to it. The cruel method of skinning these animals could be heart wrenching. Not to mention the impact that high consumer demand puts on the survivability of en-vogue animals. But there is another way. How you ask? Lets look at the other available options.

If man can make a computer to duplicate his brain, technology can indeed facilitate us to any extent possible. In regards to fabrics, a lot of people are die-hard freaks when it comes to reptile fabrics, especially after famous fashion celebrity Kylie Minogue was spotted with her 1279 pounds valued python skin shoulder bag. Kate Moss’s retro clutch or Kiera Knightely’s phython skin shoes have made people throng the doors of famous fashion designers. Everyone wants to wear the same look but how many are paying attention to the trauma the animals go through or the havoc wreaked on the ecosystem. Well, if you’re the kind who doesn’t want to spend a fortune but want an elegant look that the snakeskin fabric gives and without the ecological and moral issues, you’ll be happy to know that technology has made it possible with faux snake skin. Through technology and fabrication, no one would be able to tell you’re wearing something artificial. You could easily walk down the street as stylishly as Kate Moss.

MJTrends: Faux leather fabric, faux snakeskin material, etc...

MJTrends: Faux leather fabric, faux snakeskin material, etc...

Yes, faux skin fabric is the in thing and a lot of animal lovers go for this. The array of faux skins has a huge variety to satisfy fashion lovers. A beautiful variety of soft fur can be actually manufactured through and artificial process with the help of oil. This kind of synthetic or faux fur looks no less than the original. You needn’t be surprised with the attention you get with a faux fur coat draping you and giving you a splendid feel. Using animal skin has been a controversial and debatable topic for more than a decade now. To put an end to this unpleasantness that comes with using animal hide or hair (fur) to make apparel and many other accessories, fabric scientists have invented the concept of faux skins and furs.

The scope of the Faux fabric:
The millions of dollars that the fashion industry is making with its ingenious creativity is incomparable. One would be stupefied at the scope of the faux fabric that very perfectly replaces animal skin and fur. This synthetically designed faux fabric defines fashion in many different ways. If you’ve surveyed enough you will find that some of the most genuine dealers have everything ranging from faux suede, faux fur, and faux snakeskin to any kind of fabric replicating its origin more than perfectly. At times it is unbelievable to see the snakeskin made from vinyl resembling the original snakeskin inch by inch. Keep in mind that wearing a trendy skirt or carrying a sleek looking handbag make from the faux snakeskin will keep you looking good as your social circle envies your fashion sense. Plus, you can now flaunt this fabric with an absolutely clear conscience. Let us look at the variety of the replicated fabrics available in the fashion industry.

Faux Suede:
Suede is a soft, elegant fabric that can adorn anything; the accessories you use like purses, handbags, jewellery boxes to the upholstery you use at home such as sofas, couches, cushions, etc. Suede comes in a few colors. The deep hues of this faux fabric range from browns, blues, beiges, gray and black.

Faux Fur:
The very touch of soft luxuriant fur can give you a lovely feel, one beyond comparison. The longing for this touch has inspired fashion designers to create fur instead of cruelly skinning the animals for it. Faux fur is a perfect substitute for the real fur. This artificially made fur is given the natural colors that animal fur normally has keeping it looking nothing less than the original. But some fashion freaks do insist on dying it in various bright colors just to tell the world that it is faux fur and that they are not modeling in a fur coat at the expense of an animal’s trauma.

Faux Snakeskin:
Snakes and reptiles were hunted to quench the thirst of fashion lovers. They basked in the skin of animals as it amused them and all the fashionistas around them. Though this practice still exists in the fashion industry, many fashion designers who have a soft heart for animals and cannot tolerate the brutal process of skinning them have resorted to satisfy their customers by using faux snakeskin or fabric that looks absolutely like an alligator or crocodile skin. The fabric takes the finish and design of the original snakeskin so flawlessly that it doesn’t really matter whether it is original or not. This is more of a reptile vinyl fabric that is normally backed with polyester fabric. It also has properties that make it ideal for furniture upholstery. What makes it look so much like the original? After an extensive research on the various snakeskins, designers have used technology and computer graphics to be able to produce snakeskin embossed fabric. The snakeskin finish on one side and its stretching property makes it a versatile fabric.

Faux fabric has come a long way and has stolen the limelight in the fashion industry. If you’d like to learn more abut your various options when it comes to faux snakeskins, leathers, and furs checkout MJTrends.com. They have a good variety of colors and styles and can give you a greater idea of what is available. You can also order swatches and samples from them if you need a physical sample to ensure compatibility with your designs. Regardless of where you purchase your fabric, the most important thing is to know that you can be fashionable without hurting animals or the environment.