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Get your spouse to wear fetish fabrics


The chances of marrying or dating someone who shares your fetish for a particular fabric is extremely hard.  With the advent of the internet, it’s much easier.  But the cold fact remains that fetishes are primarily in the domain of men. Roughly 3% of the population admits to having a fetish, and 95% of that […]

Fetish Photography


One of my most satisfying ways of enjoying my vinyl, leather, latex fetish is by dressing up and taking pictures.  In the past I’ve hired models and bought expensive camera gear to try and get that perfect picture that captures the essence of what I find enjoyable in fetish photography. I found that a lot […]

Celebrities wearing vinyl


Stretch vinyl, imitation leather, costume fabric – did you know most celebrities have outfits made of these materials hanging in their oversized walk-in closets?  Of course, celebrities are always on the cutting edge of fashion, whether they’re showing off an elegant gown designed for the red carpet or sporting a sexy outfit designed for a […]

Hot New Vinyl Fashions


In the past decades vinyl, one of the most versatile and affordable of all materials, has slowly but surely become an integral part of western street fashion.  Artificial leather made of both matte vinyl and shiny vinyl, more often than not in black or red, is a longtime favorite of the punk and other underground […]

Developing a latex fetish


It’s been my point to log on and write a few articles that my wife and I think users would find interesting relating to my fetish for latex and basically all fabrics shiny: leather, vinyl, pvc, patent vinyl, etc. It all started when I was younger than 5 years old.  For some reason which I […]