Get your spouse to wear fetish fabrics


The chances of marrying or dating someone who shares your fetish for a particular fabric is extremely hard.  With the advent of the internet, it’s much easier.  But the cold fact remains that fetishes are primarily in the domain of men.

Roughly 3% of the population admits to having a fetish, and 95% of that 3% will be men.  While I don’t want to discourage you from pursuing your dream of finding that special someone who shares in your passion for a particular fetish, the reality is that your best bet is to find an amazing partner who loves you and is willing to satisfy your urges.

I dated several women who were happy to wear latex, vinyl, and leather fashions for me even though they did not share in the fetish.  Eventually I settled down, got married, and hoped to continue to enjoy my fetish for shiny fashions.  My wife didn’t love it, but she loved me and liked to make me happy.

I also wanted to make it easy for her to engage in my predilections.  Initially I thought that if had a large of fashions to choose from, it would make it easier for her to play along.  She could choose something conservative if going out, or something more salacious if staying in.

As our fetish wardrobe grew, her rate of wearing those fashions did not increase.  I even went so far as to custom make a pair of fleece lined vinyl lounge pants that she could wear in winter to replace the dingy cotton sweat pants she typically wore.  No cigar.

What I have found works best is to set the mood with her.  That includes going above and beyond her expectations well ahead of a request by me to indulge in fetish fashions.  Cleaning the house, fixing a meal, or even sending a note with flowers to her during the week, all work wonders when it comes time to requesting her to wearing something fetish for me.

Further more, even though I’m 3 years into married life, I can count the number of times she’s surprised me by picking out something vinyl or latex from our wardrobe as a surprise to me.  Direct communication works best, even though I would prefer her to engage me without my asking.

My advice is to keep communication open and try to get inside of your partners head to see what they want and it won’t be long before your own desires are satisfied.

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