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Having a fabric fetish can lead to an expensive hobby.  On a typical year I spend anywhere between $500 and $2,000 acquiring new latex, leather, and vinyl clothing for both myself and my wife.  Finding good deals is critical, because in these economic times we’re all on a budget!  Below is a top list for some of my vinyl favorite shopping sites that I enjoy as a fabric fetishist:

  1. Artifice Clothing: You will not find a better range of vinyl outfits than here.  The photography and creativity is mind blowing.  Not the best place to find deals, but they occasionally run sales.  My advice is to save up for that favorite item – they have plenty to keep you coming back.
  2. PVC-U-Like: This site is definitely run by a fetishist who knows what he/she likes.  If you have a thing for clear plastic, there is no better site to shop than this one.  Bedding, lingerie, and outerwear all made from plastic.  Based in the UK, but the prices are reasonable.  The site is not that great, but you just can’t find this stuff anywhere else.
  3. Intimates21: It’s a rip off of forever21 – the clothes are cheap and it’s not something you’re going to add to a permanent collection, but when you pay $10 for something what do you expect.  Having said that, there is a huge selection that sometimes fits what you’re looking for.
  4. MJTrends: Why buy it when you can make it!  Get exactly what you want by designing and creating it yourself.  They sell patent vinyl, 4-way stretch vinyl, 2-way stretch vinyl, faux leather, and latex sheeting.  If you have any ambition of making fetish clothing I highly recommend you check them out.  They also have tutorials and community driven forum.
  5. Etsy: There are some extremely talented Etsy crafters out there who don’t have websites.  They sell exclusively through Etsy.  Here are my favorites:

Online shopping seems to keep growing.  5-10 years ago Ebay was one of the few places where you could find fetish clothing on the net.  Now your options are so much bigger!  The above links are just a small sampling of some of the excellent vinyl fashions that you can find on the web.  Do you have your own favorites?  Let us know by commenting below.

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