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One of my most satisfying ways of enjoying my vinyl, leather, latex fetish is by dressing up and taking pictures.  In the past I’ve hired models and bought expensive camera gear to try and get that perfect picture that captures the essence of what I find enjoyable in fetish photography.
I found that a lot of what is on the web is overly done professional photography.  The models are staged, perfectly dressed, and unnatural.  My preference is to capture an experience that is closer to reality and more natural.  I’ve sold off most of the studio lights and backdrops that I bought for fetish photography and instead opted for outdoor and natural settings.

The models I use have been friends or those that I’ve found in places like ModelMayhem.  I’ve only used an agency once, and I found the model too polished (and expensive) for my needs.  Having a fetish for textiles is such a visual experience, not 100%, but a lot of it is visual.  There is no better outlet for your creativity and desires than to try and put it on film.

I’ve posted many of my pictures in places like deviantart and flickr, but even if you never share a photo, the creative process and output can be extremely satisfying.  So what are you waiting for?  Go find a willing model and start shooting your desires!  Below are some recent fetish pics I’ve taken:

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