Enjoying a latex fabric fetish

The majority of textile fetishists fall into the same category: latex / leather / vinyl.  Of course there are variations on this – some only prefer leather, while others sublimely enjoy the crinkle, smell, and feel of plastic.  However for many of us, it is the shiny, slick feel of any of the three that is a turn on.

There are other textile fetishes (so I here) including furbies, and lycra – a close cousin to shiny fabric fetishists.  But back to the point of this article – how to best enjoy a textile / latex fetish.  I’m writing because today is November 2nd, or more importantly 3 days after my favorite holiday – Halloween.

Halloween is the best holiday of the year for so many reasons:

  1. You don’t have to buy anybody anything.
  2. Your required to go out and dress up.
  3. There is typically alcohol involved :)
  4. It is perfectly acceptable to dress as weird as you want and run a muck around town (to clubs, the diner, metro stop, etc in head to toe latex).

Halloween is the perfect holiday to enjoy whatever kind of textile fetish you have.  Get your partner, significant other, etc to play dress up for you and have fun with it.  Last year my wife wore a vinyl Geisha dress out with friends while I dressed as Kim Jong Ill.  She was my Asian concubine.

This year we went as matching vampires with vinyl capes.  She wore a latex mini skirt, black top, and vinyl boots.  Two years ago I was a doctor and she wore a Lip Service red vinyl nurse dress.  Do you see a theme?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up.  You can always do it within the privacy of your own home whenever you want.  Or, do some research and find a club close by that sponsors a fetish night.  Not in an urban area?  Don’t fret – take an overnighter to a town a couple hours away where no one knows you and feel free to bust out those latex jeans and pencil skirt.

The most important thing is to be open with your partner, take the time to enjoy your fetish, and have fun!

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