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Musicians wearing vinyl fabrics

With their wild, sexy and sometimes absurdly fantastic outfits, who wouldn’t want to look like a rock star?  From Van Halen’s signature snake skin, skin tight pants to Madonna’s black rubber fabric elbow gloves in the Human Nature video, almost every rock star, pop star or other musician has a look that fans just love […]

Celebrities wearing vinyl


Stretch vinyl, imitation leather, costume fabric – did you know most celebrities have outfits made of these materials hanging in their oversized walk-in closets?  Of course, celebrities are always on the cutting edge of fashion, whether they’re showing off an elegant gown designed for the red carpet or sporting a sexy outfit designed for a […]

Hot New Vinyl Fashions


In the past decades vinyl, one of the most versatile and affordable of all materials, has slowly but surely become an integral part of western street fashion.  Artificial leather made of both matte vinyl and shiny vinyl, more often than not in black or red, is a longtime favorite of the punk and other underground […]