Developing a latex fetish


It’s been my point to log on and write a few articles that my wife and I think users would find interesting relating to my fetish for latex and basically all fabrics shiny: leather, vinyl, pvc, patent vinyl, etc.

It all started when I was younger than 5 years old.  For some reason which I cannot describe I loved to rub the maligned tag of my baby blanket against my face.  It was comforting and felt good.  The tag was probably some sort of vinyl or sateen, and it had a bit of sheen and slick texture about it.

From there, I found myself attracted to shiny materials.  I would sneak plastic bags into my bed and rub them against me.  G.I. Joe characters with vinyl wetsuits were my favorite to play in the tub with.  From an exceptionally young age I had mapped my brain to associate comfort / sexuality with plastic-like materials.

Later, as I entered puberty I discovered women in vinyl clothing via the family Spiegal magazine or the occasional Victoria’s Secret catalog.  I believe at this point my fate was pretty well set.  By the time I was in High School I knew of my proclivity and actively sought out any media which had it.

I had a girlfriend in High School who loved to satisfy my wants, and we shopped at the mall in search of vinyl clothing.  It was with her that I discovered latex on a weekend trip to a sex shop in the city where she gladly obliged to try on some items and we bought a latex skirt.

Now I’m married, and while my wife has no desire to wear any of my favorite items, she regularly does out of her love and affection for me.  We had an understanding prior to marriage of my fetish, and she has been extremely accepting of it, engaging in it at a level that she is comfortable with and that satisfies me.

I don’t know if a fetish is a good or a bad thing.  Lucky for me, it doesn’t affect my quality of life.  It’s super easy to get turned on, and it creates a bond for me between my wife and I that makes me feel exceptionally close to her.  I think it’s somewhat of an annoyance for her, but we all have our hiccups and the good outweighs the bad.

For any of you who may have a fetish for textiles or certain fabrics, I would encourage you to be open about it, speak with a loved one once you have reached a level of trust and comfort, and be realistic about the level of engagement that you can achieve.  Both of you should be happy and comfortable.  It’s a great way to improve on your relationship and feel closer.

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